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Got Talkative Fingers? 🖐️

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Secure & Anonymous Omagle Alternative Chat

Experience private conversations with full anonymity on best omegle alternative with new features. Apitrove is designed to keep your chats confidential and secure 🛡️.

Anonymous Communication 🤫

Secure and anonymous communications to ensure your privacy is maintained.

Quality Video Chats 📹

High-quality video chats, available after mutual agreement in text chat(feature in progress).

Safety First 🛡️

Robust measures to ensure safety and maintain high chat quality.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the main idea behind apitrove chat? 🤔

Apitrove chat is an attempt to revolutionize the random chat space. We have different ideas that we want to experiment with to raise the chat and people quality here and to make it a place that normal, depressed, or lonely people can use to have decent talks with others.

How is apitrove different from other omegle sites? 🤔

Our aim is to raise the chat quality by introducing different filter and hurdles that will deter the creeps who visit the websites only to do bad stuff. Our video chat feature(in progress) is first step towards it. So, it is not simple omegle clone, but entirely new idea.

How is your planned video chat different from rest? 🤔

Unlike other omegle alternatives, our planned video chat feature requires users to first talk in text chat, and only then they can do video chat. This way, it prevents bad and nasty surprises. We will add it in multiple iterations

Notice: This app is intended for users aged 18 and over. 🔞

Disclaimer: No legal action can be taken against us for any damage resulting from the use of this app.